James George

A Photographic Journal

by J. De'L George

The Global Lenz - is the pictorial Journal of Evangelist/Missionary J. De'L George.                                     

Founder and President of Living Way Whole World Ministries, Rev. George, along with his wife Rhonda, have served in numerous positions spanning more than thirty-three years of ministry.                        

At 18 and 19 they began their journey as full time employees with Living Way Apostolic Church in West Monroe, Louisiana, under the leadership of Bishop Carl Shurte.  Ten years later they set out in a well worn Olds Nighty-Eight with two small children to evangelize the Eastern half of the United States.  For the next three years they trekked about ministering to churches large and small.  They would eventually follow a path that would move them to Australia where they continued to evangelize throughout the country and the surrounding Pacific region.                                                                                            

Returning to the U.S. in 1996, the couple and their two daughters began a church in Hammond, Louisiana where their ministry is headquartered. Though no longer pastoring an assembly they continue to work in a pastoral capacity serving the people of Hammond and the surrounding area.  Their most rewarding is the work they perform beyond the S.E. Louisiana region as they travel and support numerous missionary causes around the globe. They are also the founders of a Hammond area Christian Pre-school and Childcare, Living Way Instruction Zone, which provides a large part of the support necessary to fulfill their ministries obligations.     

This long engagement with world evangelism has allowed Reverend George and his wife to document pictorially an adventure carrying them to more than 75 countries on 5 continents. And so they remain on a journey whose purpose is to aid missionaries and like minded ministerial projects, answering the call to the far reaches of our planet.

Thank You For Your Patience

Though a working site, parts of this site are still under construction. I am experimenting with some of the layout and design, so you may see frequent changes as time passes.  As well as it serves as a Photographic Journal, the site is designed for the sale of photo's and products that will appear in the Galleries and Market.  However, this feature may not be available for a few weeks. Please feel free to enjoy the pictures as they are posted. There are some High Quality Edits on the way. The Market will also offer a selection of products and accessories from some of the very areas we will have visited. Some featured items will direct you to a product source not related to the site itself but may be items we have found useful to our professions. We are glad you stopped by and hope you will visit often.

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